Friday, 9 December 2016

Moving to Bramhall is Easy with Help from Local Estate Agents

There is no doubt that Bramhall is a great place to live. Its spacious homes, pretty streets, friendly atmosphere, good transport links and excellent schools make it the perfect place to call home.

The area is now in high demand, with more people wishing to move to the village. However, as residents really enjoying living in Bramhall, it’s not surprising that many of them don’t wish to move. This means that there aren’t often many properties available to rent or buy. And when properties are put on the market they don’t stay available very long before they are snapped up.

Because of this high demand, it is worth speaking to the local estate agents in Bramhall who have an extensive knowledge of the Bramhall area, along with the housing market. They can advise you either on the sale of your property, or any properties that have become available.

There are four popular residential estates in the area. They are New House Farm Estate, Little Australia Estate, Parkside Estate and Dairyground estate. Little Australia earned its name because all the roads in the estate are named after Australian towns.

Adding to the appeal of living in Bramhall is its great transport links. Bramhall railway station is on the main line from Manchester to London and there are also regular bus services making it even easier to get around or head to the city.

Bramhall is a wonderful combination of old world village charm and modern amenities. Most of the area’s shops and businesses can be found in Bramhall’s Village Square which is at the heart of the village. 

For those hoping to move to the area, estate agents Bramhall have a great knowledge of the village and surrounding areas and will guide you through finding a new home that is perfect for you. Whether you have been attracted to Bramhall for the great transport links, its history and charm or for the fantastic schools, you will be sure to find your perfect dream home.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Bramhall Cheshire: Make yourself Aware and Informed by Reading about ...

Bramhall Cheshire: Make yourself Aware and Informed by Reading about ...: Bramhall is a suburb of the metropolitan borough of Stockport and holds much historical significance in the UK. When visiting Bramhall, ...

Make yourself Aware and Informed by Reading about Bramhall’s Events and Competitions

Bramhall is a suburb of the metropolitan borough of Stockport and holds much historical significance in the UK. When visiting Bramhall, for example, one can explore the Catholic Church of St. Vincent de Paul, the parish church of St. Michael and All Angels, and various Methodist, Baptist and other religious places of worship. This village is known for its beauty paired with the convenience of accessibility and connectedness to other main cities in the UK such as London. If you wish to acquire property in this area or find somewhere to rent then, you should contact the estate agents in Bramhall as they have much pride in their job. They are friendly, co-operative and after taking the time to fully understand your needs with regards to a property, they will come up with varied options that are well suited to your demands.

The amazing landscapes, secure inhabitancy, proximity to the city, accessibility to salons, shops, hairdressers, pubs, coffee houses, schools and more makes it a place worth living in and making lasting memories. The quality of the property available reflect the areas affluence, secure atmosphere, comfort and happiness inducing feel and allow you the space to grow and create for yourself a comfortable and healthy environment.

There are four major housing estates in Bramhall, namely Dairyground Estate, Parkside Estate, Little Australia Estate and New House Farm Estate. These estates are distributed across an expanse of natural scenery and cover the North, South and the centre of Bramhall, thus positioning you comfortably and conveniently. They are all located near railway stations and are connected to Manchester and Stockport through regular bus and train services; travel is therefore never a cause for concern.

The various estate agents, shops and residential complexes in this area can today be found quite easily through the online portal which carries all sorts of information about the suburb. It includes information about the various events, beauty and well-being contacts, books, music and toy shops, various businesses, charity shops, parks, fashion shops, restaurants and pubs, property and estate agents’ contacts. It also provides you with knowledge of various clubs, groups, and any local jobs in Bramhall as well. So why not take a look online today and make life convenient and much simpler for yourself.

Friday, 14 October 2016

A World of Comfort, Happiness and Convenience Lies in Bramhall

A small suburb of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, Bramhall is known for its calm ambience, central location, convenience, accessibility and well-maintained countryside. The railway station at Bramhall also stands on the main line from Manchester to London and thus there aren’t any problems related to travel and the main city can be visited on a daily basis while living in Bramhall. Commuting is not an issue and taking this in consideration the Estate Agents Bramhall provide you with suitable located and well-maintained properties to make your living experience memorable and relaxing.

Estate Agents Bramhall-
There are four major estates in Bramhall, namely, the Little Australia Estate, the Dairyground Estate, the New House Farm Estate and Parkside Estate. Their comprehensive nature cover the south, north and central area of the overall suburb. The Estates are also conveniently located near the railway station and bus stops with bus services available at regular intervals; hence travelling is never a cause for concern. The shops in Bramhall are also numerous and spaciously positioned and cover every aspect of daily life and its demands. They include hairdressing salons, coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, residential complexes, huge grocery stores, shopping centres and more. From connectivity to making life easier and accessible, to the small and big comforts of life, Bramhall is the ideal choice for all people who are fed up of the hustle and chaos of city life.

Shops in Bramhall-
Little Australia, one of the estates, is so called because of its unique feature that all its roads are named after towns in Australia. Meadway, its largest road has, a number of care homes, car parking facilities, shops and more with full security details in the form of CCTV cameras installed in the right places. At every step, you find yourself closer to people and a sense of protection that pervades the air further stimulates a sense of confidence, ease and comfort among other things. Living in Bramhall is one of the wiser decisions that you can make in life and takes you to a world of relaxation, provisions, style, affluence and peace.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Find Out All You Need to Know About Bramhall with One Reliable Online Directory

Bramhall is a charming and pretty area, known for its rich history and community atmosphere. It is a family friendly place, well suited for young families, with great facilities including excellent local schools, children centres, churches, a library, great shopping opportunities, popular pubs and restaurants and so much more.

You don’t need to spend long in Bramhall to get a sense of the nice community atmosphere in the town. If you are intending to visit, then try to plan your visit when there are some events being held. There is often a busy programme of events being organised, offering great things to see and do for people of all ages.  One of the appealing things about Bramhall, is that it may be a quiet and charming area, but it is also conveniently located with great transport links. Bramhall railway station is on the main line from Manchester to London and there are frequent bus services making it easy to get from A to B.

There are four estates in the area - Little Australia Estate, Dairyground estate, New House Farm estate and Parkside estate. Each covers the south, central and north side of Bramhall. Little Australia got its name as all its roads are names after towns in Australia and its largest road, Meadway, is home to a number of care homes, car parking facilities and shops. For those considering a move to the area, estate agents Bramhall have a great knowledge of the area and can help you through the process of finding your perfect new home. Using their local knowledge, estate ages can scour the area to find you the perfect property. Whether you want to move to Bramhall for the great schools or because of the fantastic transport links, there are plenty of beautiful properties to consider in Bramhall. But you have to act quickly as properties in Bramhall don’t stay on the market for long.

If you currently live a distance from Bramhall, then it may not always be easy to find the time to search for your new home. But if you take advantage of online directories, then you can easily find all you need to know at the touch of the button.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Estate Agents in Bramhall will Find You the Right Property

If making an investment in residential property is on your mind, you will not find a better location than Bramhall, as it lies on the main line between Manchester and London and is well connected with the rest of the UK. The well laid out and maintained streets here make them an excellent choice and the world class amenities provided by local businesses make Bramhall an attractive, vibrant and indeed practical place to live. Bramhall is a traditional town, ideal for families with good housing stock and modern amenities for the residents of Bramhall to take advantage of.

Estate agents in Bramhall will be the most suitable people to approach if you would like to buy a detached or semi-detached house, a bungalow with a garden or a flat or apartment in the area, as they will have great local knowledge of the housing market and a large portfolio of properties to share with you.  If you are new to the area, an estate agent will be able to guide you to the best properties to meet your needs, in terms of location, schools, transport links etc. With the estate agent on your side you may rest assured that you will be getting the right value for your money.
The thriving town of Bramhall in Cheshire is blessed with excellent access to attractive parklands, wide open green spaces, as well as a busy town centre. The well laid out suburbs, variety of good quality restaurants, shops and retail outlets, convenient and comfortable public transport, access to motorways, educational institutions, schools and other amenities make Bramhall a residential paradise for those who have chosen it for settling down.

For good schools, great transport links, a thriving town centre and friendly people, Bramhall is the place to be!

If you want to invest in a residential property in Bramhall, and need to have the list of estate agents Bramhall, the local business directory “Ilovebramhall” is the best place to obtain them. Search online for “Ilovebramhall” and see all our local listings for the area. If you’d like to work with us or advertise with us please call us on 079 200 24 100 for more information.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Estate Agents Bramhall Will Find You The Property You Are Looking For

The town of Bramhall which is located in Cheshire County and Stockport Metropolitan Borough is one of the most coveted places to live in the UK and owning a piece of land or a property in the area will significantly increase your investment in the future.  Talking about property, Bramhall has plenty of them for sale or to rent and they could range from a single dwelling apartment in a complex, detached to semi-detached houses, bungalows to large period properties if you have the means to buy and maintain it. 

Estate Agents in Bramhall will be useful to you if your plan is to buy or rent a property in the area in the near future. Bramhall is one of the most attractive and sought after areas in Cheshire and offers great commuter links as well as lots of fantastic facilities for families. The activities in the Bramhall calendar also ensure that residents are kept entertained by various musical and theatre events. You can approach one or many of the estate agents to see the properties that are available for sale, as they are the ones likely to have portfolios full of the properties you could buy in the area. Living space in Bramhall is well planned and housing estates are well designed with broad leafy streets and great local amenities. 

We have equally great restaurants in Bramhall and they serve a variety of local and international cuisines, there are several popular bars and pubs in the area and there’s lots to do for families and couples alike. There are great restaurants that offer a range of menus that you can select and eat from. Family friendly restaurants are the most popular and some even provide playgrounds for children to keep them appropriately engaged while parents enjoy a drink and a meal together.

As a resident of Bramhall you will need to know the details of the various restaurants you have near to you as well as the menu they serve, so you can enjoy a weekend dinner or an afternoon lunch when you are in the mood. Ilovebramhall is the local business directory that has all the information on the area that you will ever need. Details of businesses in the area are online, for more information about advertising on this popular site call 079 200 24 100 today.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Find out all about Bramhall on online directory

Online directories are one of the best ways to find out all people need to know about an area like Bramhall. Whether they are new to the town, visiting for the day or a few days or already a resident there, an online business directory is the ideal way to find out the most up-to-date information on local businesses, services and events taking place.
To plan the perfect night out for you and your family and friends, then a directory just like will have all the information you need about the wide variety of popular restaurants and pubs in the town. If you want to find out where places are, opening times, contact details to make your reservation or even to look at the menus, you can find all you need to know quickly and easily by looking online.
There is a great choice of places to eat in Bramhall, whether you just want a quick bite to eat while you are busy shopping, or you fancy a big three course meal. For couples, large groups or families, there is something for everyone and all the Restaurants in Bramhall offer a lovely welcoming atmosphere.
You don’t need to spend long in Bramhall to get a sense of the wonderful community atmosphere in the town. If you are visiting for a day or a few days, you may be lucky to time your visit when there are some great events being held. There is often a busy programme of events being organised in the town, offering things to see and do for people of all ages, so have a look online and see what will be taking place while you are there.
If you are new business in Bramhall and considering your advertising options, then don’t be left behind and get your business noticed by placing an advert on To find out more about how to get your business promoted on Bramhall’s top online directory, then contact Wendy Green on 07920024100.

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Advertise your business with Bramhall’s business directory

Pretty Bramhall, with its charming and well-kept streets and gardens, has become one of the most sought after places in the country to live and raise a family. An increasing number of people are being drawn to the area and its strong sense of community.
For those looking to visit the area for a day trip or perhaps might be considering relocating to the area, provides a great source of information about local events, community groups as well as local businesses and trades.
A one stop shop for everything Bramhall related, businesses should not miss out on the fantastic opportunities they will get from advertising their services on the website. Whether you are a tradesman, financial planner or run restaurants in Bramhall, give your business some great exposure by advertising on
The website combines local features, a business and trade directory along with a popular community portal. The website is the place to visit for everything Bramhall related. You can promote your business, service, or even local community group on the website for only £150 a year. With a range of different advertising options available there is something to suit all budgets. You even have the option to advertise for free, if you choose a basic listing that will include the name of your business or service, phone number and the event venue if that is relevant. was founded by Wendy Green, a longtime Bramhall resident who is passionate about the area. With her extensive knowledge of the area and the local business market, Wendy wanted to share with residents and visitors, all that the area of Bramhall has to offer. From financial planners, insurance companies to estate agents Bramhall is brimming with businesses large and small, that offer something for everyone.
For more information or to discuss advertising options on, please call Wendy on 079 200 24 100 or email

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Are you looking for a reliable Estate Agent in Bramhall?

Bramhall, Cheshire is apopular suburb of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport and it is an area known for its scenic beauty and friendly community. It benefits from relatively good weather for the North West of England and it is an affluent area which attracts a wide range of different people. Buying a house or any kind of property in Bramhall is an investment and not only do you get to be part of a great community, if you’re purchasing a property you’re investing in an area where property prices are on the up.

Bramhall has a wide range of different residential properties but in the 1960s and 1970s rapid house building saw the development of four main housing estates: Little Australia, Dairyground, New House Farm and Parkside. Whatever you are looking for and wherever you want to live in the area, the estate agents Bramhall has to offer will ensure you can find the right kind of home for your needs and beyond that they can utilise their local expertise to ensure you get the perfect location as well as the perfect home. If you are looking to purchase commercial property, then a lot of the main business is based around the Village Square. Choosing the right property requires all the details and a proper inspection and this is why you need a local estate agents Bramhall.

To find an estate agency in Bramhall it makes sense to properly research the area and utilise local business directories to find a reliable agency for your needs. Online business directories provide listings of the many different estate agencies in the area and you can choose the one that best suits your needs, such as one that specialises in commercial property. The local business directory for Bramhall, I Love Bramhall, provides the names and contact details including telephone numbers and websites of estate agencies, alongside many other businesses. Once you have explored the estate agent listings you can decide which best suit your needs and make a shortlist to contact. If you have any questions based upon what the directory brings up then you can contact I Love Bramhall directly via telephone on 07920 024100 or via email at

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Find the Most Excellent Restaurants in Bramhall with I Love Bramhall Online Directory

Restaurants in Bramhall can be found all around the area and many are located in close to the centre square of the village.  The restaurants in Bramhall serve diverse fare from a classic English breakfast to an Indian feast offering many regional delicacies. For people living in the area it is possible to find a different cuisine for each meal and you could even eat food from six different countries for six days of the week. Whether you are a single or a family of any size you will find something that all of you will like in the many restaurants in the area. The wide range of different foods available also means that there is a buzz around the area and it has a great reputation for its food and drink scene. 

There are number of bars, restaurants, cafes, and roadside eateries that dish out Thai, Chinese, Indian, English and other different types of cuisine from around the world. There are restaurants which suit different budgets and have regular promotions and offers but it could be hard to know where to start if you’re new to the town. If you are a guest, simply visiting Bramhall on business or are settling in the area as a new resident it takes time to get to know the different facilities available and so a little help is often needed. 

It would be a little tricky to travel around the whole of Bramhall Cheshire seeking out every kind of restaurant there is to find the style you’re looking for, for an evening meal or even just a good cup of coffee and so another method is needed. The best option for finding the restaurants in the area and the different kinds of food and drink they offer is to utilise Bramhall’s most successful and comprehensive business directory. Business directories advertise local businesses including restaurants and provide full information about their opening times as well as the type of cuisine they offer. 

If you want to find a restaurant in Bramhall and discover what it serves up to all of its guests then you can visit our website where you will find all the restaurants listed by category and free for your viewing.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Stumble on Shops in Bramhall with an Online Business Directory

Bramhall, in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, Greater Manchester is a populous and affluent suburb of the region which is popular with residents of all ages. It is well-known for its environmentally friendly atmosphere, especially around Bramhall village and the fact that the community are committed to a greener way of life. Bramhall has around 25,000 residents and has a self-sustained mini community which ensures locals can live comfortably and access everything they need locally.

Bramhall is like its own mini world, providing residents with no need to travel elsewhere for almost any purpose as everything can be found locally. Bramhall Village has a wide range of different businesses in almost every service area you could imagine as well as retail outlets covering everything from food to heath to recreation and relaxation and shops in Bramhall offer a diverse range of something for practically everybody.

In Bramhall you will find cafes and bars and coffee shops, suitable for small private gatherings, drinks with friends and larger get togethers. There are plenty of independent as well as better known retailers in the area within the central square of the village and they cover the main retail and leisure sectors including fashion, design, cafes, beauty outlets and more. The wide range of different outlets means local residents need never travel far to access what they need and Bramhall business owners are committed to continuing to provide this high level of service.

Finding the right establishments in Bramhall for your needs is made much easier thanks to online directories. The online business directories featuring shops in Bramhall are convenient and make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and the listings show exactly what each business offers too. The village square in Bramhall is within close proximity of the railway station and several busses play on the Greater Manchester route which connects the village with the rest of the region.

If you’re looking for specific facilities or services in Bramhall and don’t know where to start your best option is to check out the online business directories available, especially if you are a new resident or visiting the area and need to source particular services or products.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Explore Restaurants in Bramhall with ease Online

Bramhall, situated in the Stockport area of Greater Manchester is a picturesque place to see and live, with a great community spirit. It offers a fantastically peaceful and tranquil environment to relax in when compared with the hustle and bustle of nearby Manchester and it provides residents with the peace and quiet they have been looking for. Bramhall Cheshire is a wonderful place to live for many different types of people, especially for those looking to settle down and enjoy the quiet and picturesque surrounds of the village and the countryside.

The village square of Bramhall is the liveliest place in the area because it houses the majority of the area’s business establishments. It is home to many of the bars, cafes and restaurants and the restaurants in Bramhall dish out a wide range of different cuisines for different types of diners. The cuisine you get from the restaurants in the area range from traditional establishments that offer coffee, tea, sandwiches, cakes and ice creams and restaurants of different cuisines offering mouth-watering Thai and Indian foods. Finding these cafes, restaurants and bars could be a little difficult if you are new to the place or do not regularly eat out in the area.

Whether you are an infrequent diner, a vegetarian who prefers to prepare your own food or a connoisseur of every kind of cuisine, Bramhall has it all and all within reaching distance of your residence. If you aren’t sure what to choose then it can help to explore online and utilise the online business directories focused on Bramhall to give you a better feel for what’s available and to ensure you can book a restaurant to your taste. Bramhall may have a reputation for being quiet and tranquil but there is plenty of culture, vibrancy and class in the restaurant scene and it draws in visitors just for dining experiences as well as residents. 

If you are new to the area or are visiting simply as a tourist to see the sights, then then the local restaurants with their variety of different foods offer a great range of choice when it’s time to dine and if you utilise a local business directory then you can check out the exact location of your preferred restaurants and also their opening times. The directory will also be able to tell you whether they offer delivery of food and also whether it is recommended you book a table.